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A Video of my Winter Pots


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Stunning! Glad you persevered! Jane

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Barbara Wirth

What a great video Marylee! Even the teacher can still learn!! Patience is the most important word I know. You were great to realize not to relive the past disappointments in your pots. You exhibited patience and are now rewarded with a beautiful Spring garden. Thank you or sharing your trials and ultimate success in your garden.

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Love your plant combinations - the Violas echo the yellows and give just the right amount of contrasting purple! Lovely!

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Perseverance & Patience! Janet

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Thank you so much for showing that even an expert can be stiffled by critters, light and weather! I put in "winter flowers" in January, but honestly they didn take off until March when we had some warmer days. Now I'm hoping the violas and pansy's will hang in there for a while longer. And ditto on the comment below on your use of the color yellow. Beautiful mix. Thanks MaryLee! Sue

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Beautiful! I understand your frustration, though. As you know, I've struggled to find plants that would thrive in 3 pots that are in full shade nearly all winter. This year, the dianthus and vinca minor looked sad until early March. Now they're looking good! The cyclamen, after a good start, couldn't handle the deep shade and wet winter. I pulled them out. Fortunately, I won't have this problem next winter. This summer, I'm moving to a house where the pots won't be shaded by a 5-foot wall. Thank you for showing what's possible with perseverance. Ava

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